Destek is a Danish-owned production- and trading company founded in June 2002. Destek provides modern quality products for the professional farmer with an origin in Danish farming. With us you will always be 100 percent in our focus in everything we do, which means that you’ll always get quick and professional counselling and treatment in everything regarding the hygiene on your farm.  

Destek has today a factory and storage site placed in Orebo on Zealand (Denmark), from where we distribute directly to all of our customers. Beyond that we have one region office at the consulting centre Centrovice in Vissenbjerg on Fyn and one in Aalborg.  

Our focus is always on you as our customer and we work determined to meet your wishes and needs, which means that all the time we seek to develop new products together with extending our production line specially to meet your demands. To accommodate this, it is essential that we can offer the best prices, high quality, good products and not least the best performance for our customers. We endeavour this by increasing the cooperation with our existing customers, by offering unique counselling, attractive bonus arrangements etc.

Our wide and very varied product range consists of many different products, that primarily address the professional farms which operate pig production, dairy and cattle production, poultry production and mink.  

Of our own brands we can mention Basic® dry disinfection, Farmdry® dry disinfection, the Effect DK series and the DT series, which are fluent hygiene products of high quality, that are sold for especially favourable prices.
The newest product development is our hygiene powder FiberCombi® that is a unique and breakthrough product, which can be applied for all kinds of livestock. Today the usage of FiberCombi® has already proven to be a great success in pig and mink productions all over the world.

Destek exports to many countries, where we together with selected distributers market our well-known brands Basic® and FiberCombi

The last years we have been through a thriving development and growth on the Danish market. This has given us the Gazelle award in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, which has strengthened our position and increased the number of customers enormously. We want to seek to maintain and develop this position. This means that we have hired more consultants together with the increase of our customers.

Both on the Danish and the foreign markets we expect a further distinctive growth, based on the still rising interest in our products.

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